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Project Description

Educational tourism—edutourism, if you will—remains the heart of our mission at Carleva Bay. No less for volunteer tourism. We are often told that traditional tourism contributes to economic development. We disagree. Edu- and voluntourism maintain that contributing to sustainable economic and community development requires a major shift in perspective.

Educational and volunteer tourism are alternative forms of tourism that goes beyond heritage tourism, eco-tourism, and community tourism. It is a hybrid that takes into account the visitor’s need for enjoyment in a stress-free environment, yet is grounded in local cultural roots, social and economic needs, and active participation.

Our edutourism program creates reciprocal partnerships through which all parties—students and locals—learn and contribute their respective resources, expertise, and skills. The resultant experience is qualitatively different from traditional leisure tourism. Throughout the years we have built up incredible relationships with local schools, hospitals, and not-for-profits, transforming their worlds as well as our own. Ask us how you can get involved!

Project Details

  • AddressYallahs, Jamaica