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The Blue Mountains are an incredible piece of land—historically, geologically and culturally, Jamaica’s Blue Mountains absolutely glow with the history and beauty of the country. The Blue Mountains are home to the famed Strawberry Hill, a former strawberry and coffee plantation turned restaurant and lodging. The views from the restaurant alone are worth the trip.

In the St. Thomas – Portland part of the Blue Mountains is the incredible Cunha-Cunha Pass, said to be the site to which Jamaica’s African slaves fled, attempting to escape their plantation owners. Today a community of Maroons facilitate hikes and tours of the area.

Holywell Park is another site in the Blue Mountains with several marked trails that are suitable for hikers of several skill levels. The Blue Mountains are a spectacular site to visit the flora native to the region. Tours are available from Holywell, including a coffee farm tour. Nearby, in Irish Town, Serendipity Holistic Resort and Spa has wonderful services and facilities, and a river-fed pool for bathing.

Other sites of note include Bath, a small town in the St. Thomas hills with a hot mineral spring, Bath Fountain. Hot towel and mud services are offered by the river, a guide is recommended as the scene can be quite rowdy. Interested in seeing these views? Reach out to us and we’ll make this a part of your Carleva Bay itinerary!

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  • AddressBlue Mountains National Park, Jamaica