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Project Description

Strawberry Hill’s story starts with its name. In the 18th century, the British Royal family granted a British man of letters, Horace Walpole, a piece of the Blue Mountains. Tellingly, Walpole discovered the climate was ideal for growing strawberries—why not, then, name the property in light of this widely celebrated fruit? Eventually, the eponymous Blue Mountain coffee beans would complement the strawberry plantations.

Later that century, the site was appointed a Foreign Officers’ Naval Hospital. Staff served tea in the tradition of its British history, often serving scones with estate-grown strawberries and cream. The Naval Hospital has long since dissolved but the tradition of serving tea has lived on. In 1986 the first Strawberry Hill Restaurant opened, followed by a hotel in 1994.

Today the site is well-attended by local Kingstonians and travelers alike. Pools of water dot the estate, and beautifully built villas provide exemplary examples of Jamaican architecture. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner, and is well-known for the Sunday brunch. Well worth the trip for the view alone. Want to go? Contact us and we’ll make this a part of your Carleva experience!


Project Details

  • AddressIsland Outpost, Crooked River 00000, Jamaica