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Discovering Jamaica Through Its Beaches

One thing we won’t shy away from is the beauty of our beaches. From white and black sandy shores, to a secluded island a mere boat ride from the city, Jamaica has a beach to serve each of your preferences.

Yallahs Bay Shores

You can bet that we’re definitely biased on this one. Rocking on our garden swings by the beach at Carleva Bay under the almond trees, watching the setting sun fade into a blanket of stars is one of our favorite ways to pass an evening. Another version: Inviting our friends and family over for fish and bammy on a Sunday afternoon get together, and watching this beauty below blossom through the sky. Call us to reach out and grab your own slice of paradise!

The Little Rasta Beach is a short walk, or jog, from Carleva Bay.

Here’s one of our edu-tourists who went in right from the airport!

Our backyard is a little bit of paradise!

This is a favorite spot to lie in the shade of the almond tree, or for nighttime star gazing by the sea!

The path to the sea gate through the sand and to the cool Caribbean beyond!

The cool blue sea lies just beyond our gate.

Our beautiful house by the sea. Come join us!

One of our favorite things to do is to take long walks by the sea collecting some of the shells and smooth stones that we find on the beach.

More Edu-tourists taking a dip in the sea just outside the house!

This is a beautiful January sunrise!

And a lovely sunset captured from the edge of our property!


East End Beach

A piece of Jamaican history, the Morant Point Lighthouse was erected in 1841, making it the oldest lighthouse on the island and the first cast iron lighthouse built in the Western Hemisphere. This scenic daytrip from Carleva Bay will take you through fields of sugarcane, dotted with roaming cows and goats while pelicans glide above.

Down a long winding road through cane fields and a mangrove, the lighthouse and adjacent beach are beautiful, unspoiled and remote.

A sign along the road guides visitors to the Lythous, JA style!

And here it is! If the guard is at his post and willing, it’s a long climb to the top.

And it’s quite a view, but very windy up there!

Vertigo, anyone?

This is the light inside the very top of the lighthouse. It still works!

And lots and lots of rickety stairs. This one’s for the brave!

A short drive and a long walk away is this glorious unspoiled paradise on the very eastern tip of Jamaica.

We love the wild, unspoiled nature of this beach

Frenchman’s Cove Beach

A gem of Jamaica’s northeast coast. A bay of sorts where an icy river meets the Caribbean sea, Frenchman’s Cove’s ragged coastline is offset by beautiful palms, lush vegetation and temperate waters. We love jumping off the tree into the ice cold river and hanging off the swing. The beach has bar and food services, and lounge chairs for use and if asked, they will even set up a table on the sand and bring your lunch or dinner right to you.

This is one of our favorite beaches in Jamaica for a day trip!

The ice cold river even has a Tarzan swing!

Football, swimming or just lounging around, Frenchman’s Cove has something for everyone

Edu-tourists waiting for lunch to be served, beachside!

Lime Cay

Hailing a small boat from Port Royal and racing through the salty sea air (through sometimes choppy waters) to your personal island retreat is half the Lime Cay experience. The other half of course, is lazing around on this tiny peaceful coral island oasis. There’s not a single vendor or commercial establishment on the island, and that’s precisely why we recommend this beach so highly. If you go on a weekday you’re likely to have the entire place to yourself. Pack food and drinks, but please, leave no trace of yourself here except the memories! Only a 15-minute boat ride away, Lime Cay is accessible, beautiful and personal. Bring a picnic, a book and a few friends for beachy getaway from the city.

It’s hard to believe that this unspoiled paradise is a mere boat ride away from the city, but here we are!

You can walk the entire perimeter of Lime Cay in a matter of about 10 minutes and during the week it’s usually peacefully empty

Soft white sand, and cool azure waves, who could ask for more?

Some boaters cool off in the shallow waters off the Cay!

This, my friends, is how we got here!

A beautiful ride and well worth the trip!

Safely back on the mainland and thoroughly sun kissed!


Portland Beaches

Beautiful white sand beaches abound against a backdrop of dense forested hillsides. We love admiring the plush treetops and beautifully capped mountaintops in the distance! This a local favourite spot for boating (or dinner, apparently, if you’re a goat).

This beach is a 4 wheel drive and machete trip away from the main road, but well worth it. Breathtaking!

Talking with some of the locals!

Future members of Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz football team, here we come!

Built for speed!

We love this vintage map of the Portland coast


St. Thomas Beaches

Unspoiled, off the beaten track. Paradise! Wow . . . look at that golden hour light. Jamaica, our love is yours.

Admiring the view with a Red Stripe at a beachside restaurant up the road.

Football again, do we see a trend here?

Taking a walk in East Prospect, beautiful!

Blue as far as the eye can see.

Simply stunning!

Admiring the view and the setting sun at the Longboarder, a surf shop and restaurant up the road from Carleva.

The food is great, and you can take surfing lessons while you’re at it!

Pure Jamaica!

The end of another beautiful day in paradise!

Too true!

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